History of Douglas Consultants

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History of Douglas Consultants

Douglas Consultants, a consulting engineering firm specialising in building structures, was founded in 1999 by the company president, Kevin Douglas Below, ing., P.Eng., Ph.D..  In 2005, Douglas Consultants produced a 6-storey building in reinforced concrete with several underground parking levels, which won the Armatura Award, a provincial recognition of the quality of our design.

Douglas soon oriented part of their efforts towards a natural resource present in large quantities in Quebec, timber, mainly because of its potential for the local economy, sustainable development and, of course, its aesthetic appeal.  Using the European experience as inspiration, we began to help our design community to catch up and keep abreast of the latest wood design techniques.  Our community presence and renown earned us the invitation as the only structural engineering consultancy in eastern Canada to participate in the preparation of the Technical Guide for the Design and Construction of Tall Wood Buildings in Canada.


Dr. Kevin Douglas Below, ing., P.Eng., Ph.D.

Of Australian origin, Dr. Below completed his university studies with a Doctorate in prestressed concrete in Sydney in 1975.  His doctoral performance earned him an invitation to Canada to work on the CN Tower construction project as a researcher and professor at the University of Toronto.

From 1978 to 1989, Dr. Below worked in the field of engineering consulting in Quebec and Australia as a designer of buildings, bridges and quais.  He then decided to participate in the execution side of construction as a general contractor and worked on several buildings and bridges during a period of 10 years.

Finally, Dr. Below decided to return to his first source of inspiration and to begin his own engineering consultancy in building structures, Douglas Consultants.